Taburete makes history with a soldout at the Wizink Center in Madrid

Finally, March 16th arrived and Taburete appeared at the Wizink Center in Madrid with their #DrCharas tour. And also arrived the #soldout that had been brewing since the beginning of a tour that has been depleting localities in all cities with a vertiginous ticket sales!

In words of David Hernández for Musical Online TV:

“There came the desired but also feared night for the members of Taburete. A few months ago, Willy (singer) told me that they were going to organized a show at Wizink Center of Madrid, something totally mad. ‘Maybe is too much’, he confessed, ‘it has to be a sold out or it will be a failure’, he said doubtfully. Anton (bassist) thought the same. But it was something they wanted and they knew they had to take a chance. With effort and hard work, everything can be achieved. And they did it! On wednesday, they reached the ‘sold out’, and then the nerves were for another reason. They wanted to give it all and make have fun those more than 16,000 fans who had paid to go and see them . Test passed! You can say that today they are already on the crest of the wave and they are the band of the moment”.

Congratulations, Taburete, you deserve it and this is just the beginning! For many more shows and parties by your side!