Rammstein conquers Barcelona with an incendiary soldout

Rammstein started on June 1st a new stage of great first level shows at the RCDE Stadium of Espanyol in Barcelona with a soldout that brought together 35,000 fans of the German band in their only stop in our country. “Fire, decibels, lights, more fire and excitement has been the gift of Rammstein to his Spanish followers, an ecstasy for all the senses that has made enjoy and drive his fans crazy in the RCDE Stadium in Cornellà-El Prat”, OK Diary told in its chronicle.

“Powerful and spectacular concert by Till Lindemann’s band, with more flames – the house’s brand – than the dragons from Game of Thrones.” The group deployed flamethrowers and even a 20-millimeter anti-tank gun from the Wehrmacht series vomiting fire as well, apart from the famous igneous arc that Lindemann use to manage and a fiery crossbow that fired rockets and unleashed spectacular pyrotechnic effects throughout the stadium, called the Neue Deutsche Härte, the new German hardness” according to El País Cultura’s report.

The astonishing concert of presentation of their new homonymous album aroused enthusiasm of public and critic alike:
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