Symphonic Ríos in Valencia


Miguel Ríos returns on September, 29th to Valencia (Plaza de Toros) with “Symphonic Ríos”. His most emblematic songs, a symphonic orchestra of 50 musicians and a spectacular show will make of this a unique event. Songs like Bienvenidos, El Río, Santa Lucía, Boabdil El Chico, Antinuclear, El Rock de una Noche de Verano, among other classic songs of his career will acquire a new dimension, thanks to the talent and passion of most of the musicians of mixing rock with symphonic rhythms.


Symphonic Rios supposes the return to the road of the most charismatic Spanish rock artist of all times, with whom this genre got to reach the category of musical art. He is back accompained by his band, Los Black Betty Boys and a symphonic orchestra directed by Carlos Checa and composed by 50 musicians. Because of all of this, this is not just a return, it’s the return of Miguel Ríos with whom we cannot understand our country’s rock.


Promoted by Ruano Group and Produceme.