Produceme creates, designs and sets up stages for tours, concerts, events and entertainment spaces, including not only physical elements but also programming of lights, video and new technologies.

We can offer both global services and a project exactly fitted to the particular needs of the client:

– design
– plans and homologation
– building
– programming
– multimedia edition
– video
– video mapping

Along the years we have faced issues related with transport, assembly and maintenance of scenographic elements of constant usage that undergo excessive wear on tours, concerts, television sets or elements moved about in “road show” format. These experiences allowed us to study and create custom-made professional standard in order to build/choose consistent, resistant and easy to assemble materials.

Some projects we have worked in are:

+ Antonio Orozco

+ Maldita Nerea

+ Efecto Pasillo

+ Auditorio Arena, Gandia


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