Our goal is to offer the client a full range of possibilities, taking responsibility and advising him at every step. We focus production with the idea of establishing a relationship of partners with our clients so that we try to advise and share the best option to execute any type of project.

From our offices we face with great diversity of projects on a daily basis: production of tours and concerts, product presentations or brands, street marketing, roadshows, events, conventions, tourist and commercial animation… A set of possibilities where extreme creativity is linked to production capacity.

Prevention, organization, control, measurement, localization… Everything has a reason. All our projects, from start to end, are managed internally through a computerized system developed to keep the client updated real time also of the evolution as well as the development of the project.



From the very first moment of each project we will be alert to resolve any unforeseen events, working online in all procedures (creativity, projects and production) so to provide promptness and immediacy of the entire project, and adding a detailed post-event report.

We carry out all kind of procedures adapted to the characteristics of each project, among which we can mention: request for permits, reserves of spaces, insurance, personnel, etc… and we count on all kinds of documentation, report forms and checkpoints for the proper management of each work, always under the premise of offering the best quality in the service.

All of that related to:

+ Tours
+ Concerts
+ Live Events
+ Presentations
+ Artistic recruitment
+ Festivals
+ Sponsoring
+ Hostesses
+ Ticket Sales
+ Fairs and Exhibitions
+ Logistics
+ Catering
+ Tourism promotion
+ Communication




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